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Tip #3 to a Positive Birth - Block out negative stories and other people's opinions!

Have you noticed that since you have announced your pregnancy every family member, friend and even strangers want to share with you their birth stories?? I would love to be positive and hope they are only sharing positive birth stories with you but from my own personal experience and what I hear from my clients is that most of them probably go into how painful it was and how long they were in labour for and how much they tore and everything else that go’s with it.

As much as I feel for those who had a traumatic experience or painful experience I really want to express to you that your birth doesn’t have to turn out the same way!

You have the power to create your own birth experience! Now I am not saying that you can plan your birth… because you just can’t however you can prepare for your birth and also prepare for whatever turn your birthing may take because we have to be realistic that yes circumstance can change however if you are away of what type of circumstances can happen and have prepared with different tools and techniques to help you and you create and maintain a positive mindset then your experience will reflect your preparation.

So I encourage you to only surround yourself with positive birth stories. If any friends or family start to tell you their story just politely ask them to only tell you the positives or you wish not to hear it. This isn’t you being rude this is you protecting your own birth experience.

If we allow everyone to tell us their stories it can start to create an imprint in our subconscious mind that this is the only way birth is and then create feelings of fear and concern and when we fear something our body instinctively reacts to the fear and it can affect us during our pregnancy and definitely during our labour and birth.

To read some amazing birth stories from couples I have taught over the last 5 years CLICK HERE. I have positive natural birth stories.. Birth stories of couples who needed medical help and intervention and even positive Caesarean Birth Stories. The more you read stories like these the more it can help you gain confidence in yourself to create your own positive birth story.

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Warm regards

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