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I now recommend three things to every pregnant woman; Hypnobirthing course, a TENS machine and a sup

My guess date was the 16/5 I knew statistically the chances of going into labour/giving birth on the ‘due date’ was quite low but I was still excited when on the 15/5 I lost my mucus plug! I thought this was an indication that things were progressing. I went into pre-labour at 2am on the 16/5 and started experiencing surges that varied in intensity and spacing. So I used my affirmations and listened to all of the Hypnobirthing tracks. I was still in pre-labour the following day with surges still varying in intensity and spacing. My partner and I decided we may as well go and see a movie to pass the time! Unfortunately mid-movie I thought my waters had broken, after a quick visit to the hospital it was determined that my waters hadn’t broken and I was sent home.

On the 17/5 I was a bit over not progressing so I began googling yoga poses and all sorts of things to progress labour. I listened to the ‘Baby come out’ track' non-stop as I walked up and down our front stairs, bounced on the birth ball and visualised myself opening. Finally at 11pm I told my partner it was time to call my midwife! By this time I had started using my TENS machine and was finding the surge button such a help.

When we arrived at the hospital my midwife didn’t believe I was in active labour as I was so calm. I agreed to an examination (at this stage I just needed to know things were progressing) where I surprised my midwife by being 6cm dilated I was SO happy! We moved down to the birthing suite where my beautiful, supportive partner set up the room with our diffuser, pregnancy photos with affirmations written on them and the Hypnobirthing tracks playing. The birth pool was filled and in I got! It was heaven.

Unfortunately my labour did not progress even after my waters broke and my incredibly supportive midwife was becoming concerned. After a calm discussion with my midwife and my partner it was decided we would try syntocin. Syntocin unfortunately didn’t process my labour either and as my heart rate and my babies heart rate was now being monitored my midwife was concerned by her dipping heart rate. This is where it becomes a bit of blur for me as things seemed to move quite quickly as there was a concern about my baby and myself. Many people entered the birth suite all with different jobs.

The tipping point for me was when I was told to remove all my jewellery as I would probably be having an emergency c section. I knew I did not want that! Another doctor recommended I have an epidural which I firmly refused! I knew my mind and body could handle the sensations of birth.

At this stage an angel of a doctor entered and offered an alternative to a c section, the ventouse. I agreed and as far as I’m concerned together, that doctor and I, birthed my baby.

The whole way through I used my TENS machine, positive affirmations and towards the end a little gas and air.

After my baby was birthed the angel doctor stayed to debrief with me what had happened. My labour had been slow to progress as my baby was spine on spine and she had her face up instead of the top of her head.

My partner was incredible through the whole process. Over all the days he whispered affirmations to me (my favourites were when he includes the name we had chosen for our daughter), kept me fed, reminded me of my strength and used all the strategies we were taught at the Hypnobirthing course.

When syntocin was mentioned I told him he would need to repeat the affirmation ‘Here comes a wave, I can ride it’ over and over as I wanted to avoid any pain relief options and had heard syntocin can really kick up the pain. This affirmation and ‘Surges are power. The power is me’ kept me going!

Our baby finally entered the world at 11am 18/5.

I now recommend three things to every pregnant woman; Hypnobirthing course, a TENS machine and a supportive birth partner. I could NOT have done it without these three things.

I also have Hypnobirthing to thank for the fact that I do not have regrets or trauma related to my daughters birth. Hypnobirthing taught me that I although I had birth preferences (not a plan as things change) however my baby enters the world the main thing is they are safe.

Thank you Shari for showing me how much strength my body and mind have! Women are kick ass!

Laura, Giau and Thea.


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