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"I was vocal but strong and am so proud that he came into this world naturally"

On Sunday 24th June at 3:30am I woke to a reddish discharge which I was unsure of so I messaged my midwife. She was not 100% sure but thought it could be my mucus plug. I was excited but also a bit anxious at this point. I started to feel very light surges so I went back to bed and my partner Matt began using the light touch on my back as we listened to the Hypnobirthing Australia Affirmations track given to us by Shari.

By morning I had increased surges that were light but consistent. I utilised the ball a lot and had constant hypnobirthing tracks playing on the speaker in the lounge room, light touch was keeping me relaxed and I even had an egg on toast which I am so glad looking back!I remained in contact with my midwife and she came to the house around 1030am She said that Today may be the day and advised to just relax and see if this progresses and to let her know when I was having three surges in 10 mins over a two hour period. Thinking back on that now I can’t believe what was to come!

Between 11:30am and 2:00pm my surges intensified and were every 2

minutes , from easily breathing through them to then not being able to talk We called the midwife and she came over at 2:30pm She did a examination and confirmed I was 3cm. She said to stay at home as long as we could and aim to meet her at the hospital at 5pm.

My surges were becoming stronger I was in the shower out of the shower, on the ball off the ball, at one stage we decided to have the ball in the shower ( I even managed to wash my hair)

I tried to wait the whole 2 hours suggested by my midwife but I felt like it was time to go to the hospital so we let her know and left the house at 4:30pm and met the midwife at the Gold Coast University birth centre door at 4:50pm....

We walked into our birth suite and my midwife started filling up the birth pool while waiting for that to fill up I was comfortable sitting on the toilet through my surges and very quickly I started to feel like I needed to bear down.. my midwife stopped filling up the pool and could tell it was time to welcome our boy into this world...

I breathed through a few surges while still sitting on the toilet and then felt like it was time to stand up so I placed myself leaning over the bathroom sink and after a few more (vocal) surges Harry arrived at 5:23pm.

I cannot thank Shari enough for teaching us the Hypnobirthing Australia techniques so I could achieve my calm natural birth.I was vocal but strong and am so proud that he came into this world naturally.

Deanne & Matt

Gold Coast

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