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Hannah Polites beautiful waterbirth of Oakleigh using Hypnobirthing with Belly2Birth

When I first met Hannah & Garth back in 2019 she expressed to me that she was having nightmares about birth after her first birth left her feeling traumatised. . Being that Hannah was a midwife she knew about the physiology of birth so I knew I had to work with her and Garth to help her reduce her fears and give her the tools and techniques she needed to have a healing birth… and that’s exactly what she had with her second baby Arlo (you can watch her birth story with Arlo on my blog).

When Hannah called me to do a refresher for her third pregnancy I could tell she felt so overwhelmed with everything that was going on in her life with house renovations and having 2 kids and she felt that she had given no time to focus on or practice for her next birth.

Through our refresher I just reminded her that she had already done all the work for Arlo and it was all there in her subconscious mind and it would be there to draw on when she needed it. We covered some more positions and techniques to help her through a posterior labour as she carries posterior babies and I met with her another time to do some ‘Optimal maternal positioning’ techniques to release her body. .

Hannah also saw my trusted tribe of practitioners @limbertherapies for massage as well as Greg from @ausacu who to helped her so this baby had the best opportunity during labour.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful birth story.

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