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I am so incredibly proud of myself and my body!! 

Hey Shari, 

Matt and I just wanted to thank you so much for our refresher hypnobirthing course it was great to go through everything with you again and prepare for the arrival of our little Nakoda. Without the course and your guidance, you have shared with us I am sure my two births would have been very different you helped me understand my body and the stages that it will go through during birth I am forever grateful that you do what you do! 

Deanne sitting on birth ball in early labour at home
Deanne in early labour at home

At 39 weeks exactly I woke up at 2:30 am to light bleeding which I knew from my first birth was my mucous plug. I then noticed very faint surges,  I knew I was in the very early stages so i went back to bed and popped on my hypnobirthing tracks. 

After getting some more sleep I  started to monitor the faint surges they weren’t very consistent throughout the morning so I contacted Shari to see what I could do to progress labour. Shari suggested forward-leaning inversions and also Robozo sifting. I went through both techniques and definitely noticed a change in my surges they were getting more intense and consistent. 

I was in and out of the shower throughout the morning and continued walking around the house and breathing through each surge.

I went and sat on the ball making sure baby was in the perfect position for birth this is where my surges really picked up and could feel more pressure. I decided it was time for my husband to call

My midwife and make my way to the hospital. 

Once I was at the hospital I continued walking around the room, managing to have a tiny bit to eat while my midwife filled the bath.

Once the water was ready I hopped in and made the space my own and focused on breathing my baby down for the next hour. 

I felt like Matt and I were the only people in the room through this time. The connection we had was so special we got through every surge together as he poured water over my back. The room remained dark, I had relaxation tracks on in the background. This was our second birth with the same midwife and she was supportive in keeping the room relaxed with minimal distractions. 

Towards the end as the surges grew more intense I held Matt’s hand through each surge, I did not move my position but my breathing turned deeper. 

Before I could believe it, her head was out and we waited for the final surge. Once I felt her enter this world I reached around and pulled her out of the water. 

This is a moment that I will never forget. I was in control the entire time and never lost sight in remaining calm and breathing Nakoda into this world.

I am so incredibly proud of myself and my body!! 

Deanne & Matt - Gold Coast

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