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I did it!! I got my VBAC!

I met Amy through a free live webinar training I did in January 2019. Amy then booked a 90 minute Skype coaching session with me as she lived in Karratha in Western Australia. After our coaching call I then saw Amy's Booking come through. Amy and her husband Michael decided to book a trip from WA all the way over to the Gold Coast in alignment with my course dates so they could come to my face to face classes.

I fell so humbled that they were willing to travel so far to work with me and to read this empowering birth story where Amy was up against a hospital who didn't support VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean) and was diagnosed with Group Strep B is amazing. I am so happy for your Amy you TOTALLY ROCKED YOUR VBAC


Amy meeting her baby after successfully having a VBAC
Amy meeting her baby after successfully having a VBAC

Thursday 22nd August I woke up around 2:30am with quite bad back pain. It was coming and going roughly every 20-30 mins and lasted til about 5:30am. I wasn’t sure if it was surges at this stage.

Throughout the day the pain had moved from my back towards the front and I was having irregular surges anywhere from 10-40 mins apart lasting from 20-60 seconds. My doula suggested doing the miles circuit as it sounded like bub was trying to get into a better position.

Just before I started the circuit at 1pm I had the start of my bloody show so we knew labour was coming. I finished the miles circuit at 2:30pm and the surges were still irregular, until 4:30pm then they were coming every 10 mins. I was finding them quite intense so I hopped in the shower at 6:30pm, jumped out and went to say goodnight to my little boy at around 7pm then was standing in the kitchen with my mum and had 3 surges very close together within about 5 mins for 1 minute each.

I said to my husband Michael I think we might need to go to the hospital and we just waited to see what happened with the next few and they were coming roughly every 3 minutes. We were in the car and on our way for the 40km journey to the hospital at 7:30pm and my surges were getting extremely intense I was finding it very hard to stay calm and in control in the back seat as it was so uncomfortable on the bumpy road with no space to move.

Around 7:50pm I started feeling the urge to push and told (screamed at) Michael to pull over and let me out of the car. We were stopped on the side of the road for probably 5 mins while I had another couple of surges and he called an ambulance. We were only 5 minutes away from the hospital so they told him to get me back in the car as it would take them too long to get to me. I was hearing him tell me this and I knew I couldn’t give birth in the dirt on the side of the road so once my surge was over I said let’s go and jumped back in and we pulled up to the hospital emergency department around 8pm.

Amy & Michael connecting with their baby boy after birth
Amy & Michael connecting with their baby boy after birth

The nurse was trying to get me to sit in a wheelchair but I couldn’t sit down as I was still pushing so I was on my knees leaning over the chair and with Michael’s help they got me upstairs but I had to get off the wheelchair with another surge and started pushing again in the hallway of the maternity ward.

Our doula Candace had met us at the hospital and I heard her say come on Amy we have the shower going for you so that got me back on the wheelchair and to our room. I didn’t know but both birth suites were occupied so I was in the shower just in a normal room.

I was standing up with Michael holding my full body weight. When babies head was born my waters broke and with just a few more pushes our baby was out at 8:22pm and our midwife passed him straight up to me. She said there was a fair bit of bleeding so got me straight over to the bed and recommended I have the sinto injection to stop the bleeding and deliver the placenta which I agreed to.

We had delayed cord clamping until the cord was white and had stopped pulsing and had skin to skin for 2 hours. I had some second degree tearing so needed to go to an assessment room for stitches.

I had a blood loss of about 650mls which they said was considered a post partum haemorrhage so I was given a sinto drip for 4 hours to stop the bleeding.

I’m feeling great today though not too sore, little man still has no name, but he’s doing great as well his sugar levels are fine and we didn’t need to worry about antibiotics for the GBS as my waters broke so late.

And best of all my doula got it all on video so I can rewatch it 📷

Thank you so much for all your help

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