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I hopped into the bath at 7pm and had the most intense yet powerful birth!

At 39+1 on the 17th of Feb I started to experience mild surges that were strong enough to keep me awake and to only allow me 2 hours of sleep. The night passed with me spending most of my night either leaning over the exercise ball or rocking back and forth on my hands and knees to open my hips. At 5am in the morning on Feb the 18th I decided to chuck on my active wear and go for a walk to get labour further going. My partner and I got home for our walk and with every surge it intensified. From 7am onwards, I spent the next 6 hours going between the shower to the bedroom floor on my hands and knees yet again rocking back and forth and focusing on my breath. 1pm hit and and the surges had further intensified and they were now closer together in which we decided to head to the hospital. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting in the wait room, we finally got put into a room and the midwife offered a vaginal examination to see how far along I was. She asked me if I wanted to know how far along I was or if I wanted to be told if I needed to stay or go home. I told her I didn’t but she completed the examination in which she blurted out … you’re currently 3cm you can go home. Thankfully I was not left disappointed and we left the hospital at 3pm. The moment we got home the surges yet again further intensified in which I knew active labour was right around the corner. I again spent the next 3 hours alternating between the shower to the bedroom floor with both my mum and fiancé rotating heat packs on my back and counting me through each breath with every surge. 6pm hit and I had the sudden urge that I NEEDED to push. Remaining calm, I focused on each breath the whole drive to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital and after waiting 15 minutes we got put into the assessment room. Upon examination I was told that I was now 5cm and that I was thankfully heading to a birthing suit and not heading back home. Once we arrived at the birth suite the midwife asked if I wanted to get into the shower and before I knew it I was yet again on all fours rocking back and forth focusing on the warmth of the water and riding the wave. My plan was to go complete

ly drug free but when the midwife asked if I wanted gas I quickly responded with YES. The midwife gave me the gas and asked me to breathe in so deeply that I needed to rattle the machine.. I tried and within seconds I had projectile vomited everywhere… I quickly learnt that gas was a no for me. I asked for a bath and the midwife who was with me was not certified in water birthing so another midwife was assigned to me and she was AMAZING ( after being in the MGP program and loosing my midwife I was so worried but the outc

ome was amazing and the midwife I had was so supportive ) I hopped into the bath at 7pm and had the most intense yet powerful birth. With NO drugs and my ability to ride each wave and focus on my breath knowing that baby was right around the corner I powered through 2.5 hours and our little man was welcomed into the world at 9:27pm on Friday the 18th of Feb. A massive thank you to you Shari!

Your course made me so empowered to birth my little man and gave both me and my partner Cameron the tools to take control. We felt empowered in making our choices, had the confidence to adapt to any changes that took place and Cam gained an understanding of how to help me throughout pregnancy and labour.

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