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So much oxytocin was filled inside that room, I was so proud of myself. I kept saying I DID IT!!

The week leading up to my birth was mentally challenging!! I had soo many people messaging asking how I was going and if the baby was here. Although it was nice to have so many people care I honestly couldn’t deal with it all as my anxiety levels were through the roof. I didn’t tell people my “estimated due date” they just knew sometime early February.

I decided to turn my phone off for a couple of days and it was the best thing I did as it allowed me to relax and settle myself by letting go.

With Brian still on the GC and me being in NSW I was keen for the weekend to come as we would be able to spend it together and I knew a full moon was coming on the Sunday night. Brian arrived home late Friday night and could sense my tension, on Saturday he decided to take me to a couple of our local waterfalls. That was just what I needed to be connected back to nature, to calm me, it really really grounded me again.

Sunday lunchtime I started to feel uncomfortable and getting a few pains. They were a little intense at times but I was able to cope. We had decided for Brian to head back to the GC for work the next day. I assumed they were just Braxton hicks as the weekend before they were very similar although theses lasted longer and by late afternoon started getting a little more intense. I was on my exercise ball and hands and knees moving and rocking them out until they passed.

My little niece was attached to me all day, she wouldn’t leave me alone so she must have new baby was coming.

At 9 o’clock Sunday night my waters had broke, mum and dad were frantic and I told them I wasn’t going to the hospital straight away. Brian was called and he started to make his way back down from the GC.

At 9:30 after getting off the phone to the midwife to let them know I’ll be in sometime soon I had 3 surges within 7/8mins. Mum insisted we start making our way to the hospital, so I put on my affirmations and listened to them in the car. We arrived at the hospital at 10ish and Brian arrived around 11:15pm driving down in pouring rain. He walked in with a big suitcase I wasn’t paying attention but when he opened he was prepared. Food, speaker, diffuser, massage gun, clothes etc. He was so prepared and so excited for the journey ahead.

Around 12am I got in the shower, that was the most comforting thing the hot water running on my back. Brian got me through My surges and would repeat affirmations to me and was very supportive and encouraging.

By 2am I was playing mind games with myself, although I was determined to have a natural birth and was ready to give in. I didn’t tell Brian how I was feeling cause I didn’t want to let him down, so I asked the midwife to be checked. I originally didn’t want to be checked at all and Brian said it wasn’t a good idea. But I needed clarity, so the midwife checked me and said I was 8cm dilated. Best news ever!!

I knew I was close and unfortunately due to so many women labouring that night I couldn’t have the water birth I had hoped for. Just before 3 am I got on the bed and started to bare down. I was very vocal and A good couple of surges helped edge the baby closer. I had no idea but Brian was signalling to my mum to let him know when the head was close. Next minute Brian has run around and caught the head with the midwife catching the rest of the body. At 3:27 am I heard a sweet little cry and Brians trembling voice say “it’s a boy” I don’t think I have any words to explain that feeling of accomplishment and pure joy that our baby was here! And a beautiful surprise of a healthy little boy!!! So much oxytocin was filled inside that room, I was so proud of myself. I kept saying to Brian I DID IT!!!




8lb 10oz

We had plenty of skin to skin time the midwife really respect our birthing preferences. I also had a natural delivery of the placenta, Brian really wanted to keep it so we have planted it with a lemon tree on my parent's farm.

I’m not a hospital person so I was itching to get home. Once we were both checked I was asked to be released and we left the hospital around 11 am to get home and comfortable.

It has been just over a month since Swayde was born and We are still on cloud9. The best and most rewarding day out of life by far! So incredible what women’s body’s can do, we are simply made for birth. Swayde got weighed today and is just short of putting on a whole big 1kg since birth. We are all doing super well and love our new little family.

Thank you so much for the part you played in making our birth such an amazing experience!

Sending love

Brian, Marissa and Swayde xoxo

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