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"If it wasn’t for the preparation we did with you I don’t know how my labour would have been"

Hi Shari!

On April 20th at 4 am I gave birth naturally to my little divine bub Indira Devi Dhall!

She was born 37 weeks + 3 days.

Very unexpected - I didn’t even pack my hospital bag. I woke up that morning at 1:15 am with a slight backache. I got up to stretch and went to the bathroom. Then my water broke..... I was in shock and denial. I thought I most likely just wet myself haha!!!

I woke Summit up 5 minutes later to let him know that my water may have broken.

We called the hospital and they said to come in but since I wasn’t experiencing any surges as yet I’d most likely be sent home. So I and Summit quickly got changed and left everything at home thinking we’d be back home soon.

By the time I got to the hospital at 1:45 am my surges had started and been in full swing.

I had about 5-10 seconds between them.

I felt it all in my back.

I focused on my breathing with Summit guiding me and speaking affirmations to me to keep me going.

Within minutes I was rushed to the birth suite - I got in the shower and found the water on my back so helpful + summit used acupressure points which were amazing.

The labour was intense. Because the gap between my surges were so short.

I remember being upset that we hadn’t packed anything but Summit kept me in the zone.

At one point my baby’s heart rate dropped to 80 and my midwife asked permission to call in the medical team. I agreed. I chanted. So did summit. And as soon as the doctors entered bubs heart rate went back to normal and they were no longer needed.

At 3:40 I asked for a birthing stool as I felt the urge to bear down.

By 3:50 her head began to crown and at 4 am she was born.

She was born quite limp and therefore her cord was cut earlier but my midwife asked permission. Bub began to cry and I held her on my chest. Just blown away.

If it wasn’t for the preparation I and Summit did with you I don’t know how my labour would have been. There were times I felt out of control but affirmations and grounding touch and breath all helped.

Thank you so much for your guidance - it made a world of difference to my labour experience.

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