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It all just happened so naturally and we are so thankful for the knowledge and power you gave us.

Hi Shari,

My husband Brin and I attended your Gold Coast hypnobirthing course in February and I just have no words to justify how much we learnt and how beneficial your course was to us.

I just wanted to send you a message to let you know Brin and I had a beautiful baby girl Tilly Mae Sara on 18/4/21 weighing 3.74kg born at 6:41 am accidentally at home.

Brin was just a superstar through my labour, he was so calm and knew exactly what to do and how to help me throughout the whole experience all thanks to your course and what he learnt from you.

I went into labour at 41+1. People started to tell me that I was quite past my “due date” and was asking if I am getting induced ect which made me start to feel unsettled but my midwife reassured me and I just kept thinking of you saying it’s normal to go to 42 weeks and to trust my baby and my body and not to focus on “due dates”. So I trusted what I knew and went into labour at 7 pm on the 17/4, laboured through the night using all the techniques you taught us.

I was in and out of the bath, had calm music on, oils in my diffuser, I used my TENS machine, was on and off the ball, using rebozo, pressure points, positioning and focused on breathing techniques.

I managed to labour at home all night with the amazing help of Brin. Brin started to time my surges at around 3 am although they didn’t really make sense to us as they were irregular being 10sec, 50sec, 1min30 ect although I was having 7 surges in 10 minutes. At this point, we just kept thinking we’re not that far along yet even though this is probably when we should have gone to hospital but I just kept thinking it’s going to get way stronger and harder than this.

At 5:30 am on the 18/4 I had this calmness come over me and thought this is where we get to rest. I only realise now that was probably my transition. Then I started to feel the urge to push so I was just slowly pushing and bearing down not really knowing that I was about to give birth then my waters broke, there was a lot of meconium, my contractions stopped and I couldn’t feel movements so brin and I were worried we had lost our little one but we stayed strong and positive and worked as a team.

We called our midwife straight away who luckily lived close by and was able to come over and we called the ambulance who was talking Brin through delivering our baby. I just kept pushing and bearing down. Our midwife arrived and found our baby’s heartbeat and then the ambulance arrived a little after.

I just stayed focused and calm and followed my instincts. I got onto my hands and knees once the ambulance arrived and kept slowly pushing and bearing down, letting her head come out and retract back in until she was ready then our baby girl arrived accidentally at home on our bed with the help of our midwife and Brin. She came out very quickly after 2 strong pushes.

The ambos stood close by just incase myself or Tilly needed some assistance, but Tilly cried straight away and came out so healthy managing to clear her own mucous and I was okay also.

We did delayed cord clamping, we let Tilly wriggle her way down to my breast and we also got to find out the sex by waiting until we were ready. We managed to get the whole experience on video which we are so happy about and will be able to forever rewatch the birth of our little Tilly.

I tried to birth my placenta although did end up having the oxytocin injection due to the situation. My placenta wasn’t able to detach at home. We went to the hospital for our checkups, I needed some stitches and a little assistance and a bit of time to help get my placenta out. We stayed for 6 hours Tilly passed her checks and we were back home as a little family that afternoon.

Overall brin and I are just so overwhelmed and so happy with our birth even though it wasn’t what we expected and had a few little worries here and there but we managed to stay together as a strong team. We were both in control the entire time.

I don’t think it would have happened so calmly with us being in such control without taking your hypnobirthing course. I was able to channel my pain and convert my strong surges through my breathing and we were just so relaxed

Xx Georgia, Brin and Tilly

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