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It went from 0-100 real quick......

We just want to thank you so much for your hypnobirthing course! A run down on our birth story:

I went into spontaneous labour at around 9am Saturday morning. My surges were in my lower back and around in my lower abdomen. I was so confused because I thought they should be in my stomach. I couldn’t see my stomach tightening at all (and never did). I was on my ball, in and out of the shower, trying all different positions that you’d showed us trying to ease them but couldn’t really get comfortable. I called the midwife at 12pm and she said it could be early stage but just wait and see what happens because it could stop. I was tracking the frequency and there was no pattern - sometimes 3 minutes apart, sometimes 10. I hooked the tens up around 3pm from memory. Also tried some gutter walking in the afternoon for a while. By 10pm they were coming between 3-6 minutes apart but wouldn’t get into a rhythm.

I actually began to cry because I was getting frustrated and got Russ to call the midwife again. She said to go into the hospital so we did. The car was the worst, they were coming every 1.5-2 minutes. Then we got into the hospital they began to stall which I remembered you saying that could happen so really focused on my breathing and keeping in a calm state (trying to remove my anxiety around the hospital). In all honestly, a lot of the techniques probably went out the window and I really struggled to focus and stay calm. I was in the shower a lot though, on all fours over a bean bag and was able to drift off to sleep occasionally in between. I think at roughly 3am I was getting tired and really frustrated because there was still no pattern so I asked for a VE. She said I was roughly 8cm but (might be too much information lol) was constipated which was blocking his head.

I went and sat on the toilet and as soon as I finished on there, it went from 0-100 real quick. I immediately felt his head and didn’t want to get off the toilet eventually I got into the bath on all fours and began bearing down. I would lose focus on my breathing halfway through a surge but was able to feel his head coming and the midwife got me to reach down and feel him (atleast I felt all the hair!). And then once I got the head out, breathed the rest of him out. I was pushing for roughly 45 minutes. I tried for a physiological 3rd stage and the midwife happily supported this but after an hour was getting worried about some clotting. I had the needle and the placenta was out within a couple of minutes. She thinks it had detached but I wasn’t getting any surges so couldn’t connect my mind to my muscles, plus was probably more occupied with my little man to even really care lol. My placenta was a love heart though! Super cool!! I ended up with 3 2nd degree tears but overall am actually really proud of myself and my body for getting through with basically no intervention and bub always monitored calm and happy.

We just want to say thank you again for your course!! I don’t know how I would’ve done those 21 hours without any education. And now every single pregnant woman I know will be hearing how important it is to invest in birth education and learning some techniques!!

To book a face-to-face group Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education course with Shari Lyon on the Gold Coast Australia CLICK HERE

To purchase the Journey to Birth Hypnobirthing Online Course CLICK HERE

  A massive thank you to you Shari!


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