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Hypnobirthing not only helped me achieve my VBAC, but it gave me back my power as a women!

After my first birth ended in an emergency caesarean (despite me going into labour spontaneously, 14 hours of unmedicated labour and making it to 9cms dilated!) to say I was disappointed was an understatement! It crushed my confidence in myself and as a mother and took me quite some time to process what had happened and to come to terms with the unexpected outcome. So when I found out I was pregnant again just 9 months after my son was born my husband, Jacob,  and I were determined to do whatever we could to give us the best chance at having a vaginal birth We hired a doula to support me through pregnancy and birth and expressed to her my wishes, not many doctors would have been supportive of my choices (especially because my deliveries were less than 18 months apart) so she suggested we go through midwifery care, I sought out a private midwife from My Own Midwife (highly recommend!!) and both suggested we attend a hypnobirthing class to better prepare us for a positive birth, which brought me to Shari! With my birth team assembled I spent the rest of my pregnancy diligently following the hypnobirthing program, focusing on that positive energy and listening to my affirmations constantly! 

On the day of my due date, my Braxton Hicks started to get quite uncomfortable, I had an appointment with my midwife where we discussed what it would look like if I went too far over my due date and at what point we would have to call it and schedule another cesarean, the baby must have been listening and didn’t approve of that option because that night my surges began!

My waters broke 8 pm, and I decided to go lay down to get some rest however it wasn’t long before my surges became more powerful and consistent that laying down was not comfortable (also I was just very excited that our little babe was on the way!)

I moved around the house trying to find a position that was comfortable, the birth ball was the only place I found I was able to focus on my Hypnobirthing techniques, every surge that came I would imagine myself at the same beach I envisioned when listening to “the surges of the sea” track.  When my surges were coming only 5-7mins apart it was becoming harder for me to focus on my breathing Jacob asked if he wanted me to call our Doula to be there with us. She arrived 20mins later and continued to support Jacob and me at home. 

At around 12:30 am we contacted our midwife and we all decided that it might be time to head to the hospital. The drive to the hospital was the only aspect of our birth that Jacob and I were dreading, it’s about 40mins from our home and requires us to cross the border (which at this point was still closed due to COVID). The officer on duty however quickly waved us through as soon as he saw the state I was in haha! The car ride was definitely the hardest part of my labour, no position was comfortable and there were so many distractions! I was very happy to finally arrive! We went straight into the birth suite where I got onto the birth ball again leaning over the bed. My midwife asked if I was okay to have a vaginal exam, I got on the bed and she asked if I want to know my progress, I said yes and just thought “please let it be over 8cm!” She told me I was fully dilated and my baby was in the birth canal! I was so excited, it was at this point I knew I was going to get my VBAC! 

A new wave of determination came over me. I moved into the bathroom and continued to have my surges on the toilet where I stayed until they began to change and my body fully took over, I started breathing down with each surge, it was so good to have everyone in the room reminding me of my hypnobirthing techniques because at this point I was finding it hard to stay focused on what I needed to do. 

My midwife kept checking and monitoring me with the Doppler. After one of her checks, I heard the bathwater start running (during our prenatal visits, she advised me that the best and safest time for me to get into the bath was when baby started crowning) I knew it wasn’t long until I’d be holding my baby in my arms.

I got into the bath and faced the beautiful mural on the wall where my doula had put my affirmations, between surges I would read over them while doing relaxation breaths and savouring the short break. Suddenly a very powerful surge came I focused my breath down and baby’s head was out, she came out with the next surge where my husband helped to raise our daughter out of the water and onto my chest! We did it! Together, using all the techniques we learnt throughout the pregnancy my baby girl and I got our VBAC! For the next 2hrs, we were able to have totally uninterrupted skin to skin during that time I was also able to deliver her placenta naturally! 

Out little girl Elsie Clare was born at 3:50 am into the water, after 8 hours of labour, and no medical intervention! Despite a tear that needed to be sutured in theatre our birth was perfect and happened just as I had hoped and imagined! 

Being a VBAC there are many recommendations by doctors in terms of how you labour and birth that can take away a lot of your options in creating a good atmosphere. But through doing this course and following the advice of my midwife I was able to make informed decisions about what I wanted and (although it is very much out of my nature) I was able to confidently stand up for those decisions!

Hypnobirthing not only helped me achieve my VBAC, but it gave me back my power as a mother and as a woman!

Thank you again ️

Charlee, Jacob & Elsie x

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