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We’re very grateful that we went into the labour feeling very informed and empowered.

My little girl Freddie surprised us 10 days before her EDD on Easter Sunday.

I had a really wonderful birth experience with no complications or interventions. My labour was quite quick, 6.5 hours total and the first 3 hours I wasn’t even sure I was actually in labour. I started getting cramps around 6pm (I think) and listened to the hypnobirthing tracks, read a book and tried not to get too excited. I was thinking of strategies to get myself to sleep when my active labour came on hard and fast around 9pm.

My contractions were on top of each other and I started feeling nauseous and had the shakes, from what I learned in the course I thought I was in transition so we contacted our midwife and let her know we were on our way in. We arrived at the hospital just after 10pm (having crossed the police controlled border into NSW) and immediately got into the birth pool. By this stage I wasn’t really focusing or able to implement many of the techniques we’d learned, however my husband was incredible and was all over it.

Freddie’s heart beat started dropping so I had to get out of the bath and onto the bed, which must have been the right position for her cause after a couple of pushes she was guided into the world by my husband at 12.32am. I was not expecting labour to come on so fast and it definitely caught me by surprise and I wasn’t as calm as I hoped I would be, but thanks to the hypnobirthing course my husband was calm and able to take charge. Having gone through our birth preferences he could speak on my behalf when I couldn’t. 

We’re very grateful that we went into the labour feeling very informed and empowered. 

Thanks again for having us, 

Renee - Gold Coast


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