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Birth Story of - Fern Matilda 17.04.14

Birth Story of - Fern Matilda 17.04.14

Dear Fern,

This is the story of how we came to meet! Although I came to know you quite well as you grew inside my belly and your sister would comment each day on mummy’s tummy getting bigger, the day we met was a very special one!After many months of preparing by doing the hypnobirthing course and you and I listening to the tracks each night to relax, even though you tended to get even more active as I lay listening and rubbing my belly!

The day finally came, you were 38 weeks plus 1 day old and as I woke up and had cuddles with your big sister Indigo on April 17th, I felt a surge. At first I thought it was just a practice one but soon came another and another and I knew this time you were coming to meet us. I told your dad at around 7.30am that today was the day you would come earth side, he didn't believe me at first but as he saw the surges get stronger and stronger he couldn't deny it!

I called Mama to come down and spend time with us and she arrived at around 10.30am, I had the affirmations playing for us both to hear as I paced around the house, breathing through each surge and listening to Mama and Indigo play. Each time a surge came I would turn to your dad and have a cuddle and sway back and forth. They quickly became more intense so I decided to have a shower while your dad called the hospital to say we wouldn't be far away. When I hopped out of the shower I told Mama we would be heading to the hospital and I said bye to Indigo and she gave my big belly a final kiss and cuddle. We headed up to the hospital which was only a short 5 minute drive; luckily we got a park straight away!

As soon as I hopped out of the car the surges were even stronger and were around two minutes apart, I was handling them so well I thought you were still a couple of hours away. We arrived at the labour ward at around 12pm and a nurse took us into a small room to monitor your heartbeat while I had a surge, all was great so she took us down to birth suite 4. She said a midwife would be in shortly to check my progress. Your dad got out my little speaker and started up our relaxation tracks, he also put up our hypnobirthing signs and got the birth plan ready for when the midwife arrived and I stripped off and jumped into the shower, it was now 12.30pm.

After about 20 minutes in the shower I told your dad that I was a bit tired and needed a lay down on the bed, my surges felt strong but I was still managing them. I lay on the bed on my left side and I was feeling so relaxed, a surge came and it was so strong and then suddenly my membranes ruptured, what a relief! It was now around 1pm.Your Dad pressed the button for a midwife and I lay waiting for the next surge, it came quickly and strong and I all of a sudden felt your head on its way out, I said “this baby is coming right now”! I managed to jump up onto all fours and two midwives arrived. Your dad explained that he would be receiving you but unfortunately there wasn't enough time for them to read our birth plan, another surge came and I did my best to breathe while making a little noise but I remembered how important it was for us that I stay as relaxed as possible and as I did I felt your head come out!

​Another surge a minute later and you were born at 1.08pm! A perfect baby girl weighing 8 pounds and 52cm long, Fern Matilda Salt.It was an amazing experience to have with you and your dad, he was so supportive and attentive and we are so grateful to have such a beautiful girl like you to join our little family.

Chelsea & Rob - Rockhampton, Central Queensland

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