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Birth Story of Toby - Rockhampton

Birth Story of Toby - 29.07.14


I was pregnant with my second child and knew straight away I wanted a different birth than with my first. With my daughter I remember my OB telling me due to medication I was on, I wasn't able to have an Epidural and I actually cried- that was my only birth plan. Needless to say after an induction, 13hrs of labour, gas, pethidine, an episiotomy and forceps I knew I wanted my sons birth to be different. I'm not sure exactly where I heard about Hypnobirthing but after some research I knew that I was onboard. If I'm honest I probably went into with the mindset that this would just be another tool I could use during labour, before I asked for the drugs. I contacted Shari in Gladstone, who was kind enough to be flexible with her course times as hubby works away, and at a about 30 wks we began (me very excitedly, the other half took some convincing). After our first session everything just clicked for me- it was such common sense, of course our body knows what to do!! Seeing how calm and relaxed about the impending birth I was, hubby was onboard as well (though not very vocal in the course- Sorry Shari lol). I listened to the tracks every night, put my affirmation posters around the house, the breathing techniques on the back of the toilet door- I was committed. It all felt too easy, that I was honesty thinking this can't be all I have to do, and was sure I would be the one person it didn't work for!! By the last week, I was like most and very uncomfortable, and wanted to meet my little man. Most nights I was having intense Braxton Hicks. Two days before my estimated due date hubby and I went for a big walk, had a big meal and I added some Clary Sage drops to my foot rub cream and enjoyed a foot massage and went to bed. About 4am I got up to use the loo and had a small trickle of waters. I was so excited for two reasons. I knew today was the today I would meet my son & I had gone into spontaneous labour!! I went back to bed and listened to Surge of the Sea and tried to get some sleep. By 5am I knew things were progressing as I had another small flow of water and small surges had begun, so I decide to wake hubby and tell him I was having a shower. As soon as I got out, my surges intensified. I'm not sure what made me decided we had to get to the hospital. I had only been having surges for an hour, but they were already regular and strong. We called the in-laws over to watch my girl and we were on our way to the hospital by 615am. On the way I had my iPod in and was listing to Rainbow Mist and my Affirmations and concentrating on my breathing.

Once we arrived I kept headphones in while hubby spoke to the midwife

(who were all amazing), and informed her I was happy to be checked and

only told progress if it was more than 8cm dilated (though in my head I

knew there was no one I was there yet). 8cm she informs us!! You will have this baby by 9am (now about 7). I could not have been more excited.

Once in the room hubby got busy dimming the lights, putting music on,

putting up my posters- though in all honestly I was in my own world and

had no idea. I was informed there was meconium in the water which meant

I had to be monitored more than I would have liked, but I refused to let it

bother me. The nurse was really flexible as well and agreed that I get in the

shower once the surges really intensified. Suddenly I felt an overwhelming need to bear down. I was standing up leaning on hubby and this feeling came over me and i knew this was it. I did end up on the bed, on my back- not great I know, but for some reason I forgot about positions at this stage, I think maybe just because I will being monitored so much.

My OB came in and after breathing down for a little while I was informed

my baby's shoulder was stuck. I lost focus here for a minute while the room

filled with nurses- I knew this had to happen quickly. With the help of my husband and my amazing midwife (who was reminding me of my affirmations lol), I pulled myself together, got back to my breathing and gave it everything I had. My OB did end up giving me an episiotomy but then he was born!! My beautiful Toby John came into this world weighing an amazing 10lb 14!!

I was only in labour for a total of 4hrs from first surge to birth, totally natural. I had skin to skin straight away and then hubby did as well. My OB commented that my placenta was one of the biggest he had seen and looked super healthy- no wonder he was so big!

Full disclosure, Toby did end up with a fractured clavicle from the process, however I think given his position and size we did ok. 5mths in and it has never bothered him. I am thrilled with the birth I had and still can not believe I did it. I can not thank Shari enough for teaching us the tools to achieve this birth, but not only that, for allowing me peace of mind throughout my pregnancy which meant I didn't fear my birth.

Katie & Steve


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