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"I listened to my inner voice" Natural Birth Story of Lincoln

Admittedly when I found out I was pregnant I was so fear stricken I didn’t even like discussing the topic of birthing as it made me feel instantly sick. All the horror stories and negative ideologies that typically were associated with birth were all that I knew. After being told so bluntly by my GP that “you will experience difficulties with a natural birth and your tailbone will definitely re-brake” I knew I needed some help.

When I heard about Hypnobirthing and Shari’s program I was instantly intrigued, at this point I was more than half way through my pregnancy and ready to try just about anything. What made it real for me was hearing success stories and seeing raw and genuine emotion from people that I knew, people in my hometown, and their gratitude for Shari and her Hypnobirth program.

Knowledge is power! Even after our first session my partner Jamie and I were so excited and relieved to have learnt so much. We instantly felt a change in ourselves but also in one another towards our looming birth. I remember Jamie saying to me he was so excited knowing he too could play such a huge role in bringing our son into the world.

On the 19th of May, four days after bubs estimated date of arrival I took a long lunchtime bath, put on my diffuser, listened to the playlist and gazed at my positivity poster. 4:30pm that afternoon rolled around and I started to recognize the early stages of my labour. Jamie was on his way home from work so I set myself up with my diffuser and music and created my relaxed little hypno bubble.

I called my midwife to let her know things were happening and she told me to sit tight and stay comfortable as it could be a while before I was ready to go in. I swayed my way through my surges and concentrated on my breathing. Jamie was so encouraging, using the light touches and positive affirmations to ensure I stayed in my calm confident headspace.

Before I knew it four hours had passed and my inner voice was telling me it was time to go in. Upon examination my midwife was shocked that I was already 6 centimeters dilated, yet so calm for a first time mum.

Two hours later, a long hot shower, no fear, no induction, no drugs and no tailbone damage!!! We welcomed our beautiful Son Lincoln James Smith into the world. I cannot recommend Shari enough for her positivity and professionalism in delivering such a life changing program.

THANK YOU Belly2Birth


Jessica & Jamie

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