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I wanted to scream out - I did it and I loved it!

Shari came highly recommended to both Steve and I – I had my doubts but by the end of the first

session I knew I was determined to be a hypnobirthing star! Steve thought this was another one of

my ‘hippy’ things I wanted to do but I recount him saying after one session – this really is practical

and informative stuff!

Hypnobirthing gave me the skills and knowledge to prepare for the birth I wanted. Before becoming

a mum myself, I can remember countless stories of what one can describe as horrific birth

experiences - people recounting their own or vividly detailing someone else’s experience. It was all

so negative.

It was challenging during my pregnancy to not get caught up with the naysayers, being told things

like “when it’s happening, you will be screaming for every drug possible” and “we aren’t in the fields

of Africa why not just take the drugs?”. At the conclusion of the course, I felt empowered to prepare

for the birth I wanted. I wanted a positive birth, one which I could confidently tell women around me

and my daughter one day - that your body is the most amazing and wonderful thing – you can do

anything if you put your mind to it.

As my birth month approached, two people I had planned to be in my support network suddenly

would not be around. This was a big moment for me, I realised I could only rely on myself and my

preparation went to a whole new level. I looked forward to my daily affirmations which I did whilst walking the dog each morning, I did water aerobics and yoga. I knew that not only was this a physical challenge ahead but so to a mental challenge.

The mental challenge came when I was “overdue”, due dates (so overrated!). As the days went by,

the phone calls and messages continued, the tears started - why won’t everyone leave me alone? do

you not think I want to have this baby too! I tried acupuncture, I even ate three pineapples one day,

you name it – I tried it! I chatted with Shari, we joked and she continued to inspire me to stick to what I was doing, baby will come, when baby is ready… however the days continued to pass and there it was the last antenatal

appointment to book in for our induction. The game plan had to change - this is where

hypnobirthing is truly wonderful because I felt completely ok with what was ahead, providing I knew

my options and I was informed.

The day of the antenatal appointment, I washed the car, I finished the final two tasks on my to-do

list, tick and tick – I had nothing left to do but wait. During the antenatal appointment, I decided to

have a stretch and sweep to understand what my induction options would be. I knew I would feel

most comfortable in early labour at home and needed to know if there were any options that would

mean I didn’t need to come in to the hospital to be induced. The midwife smiled at me and said, you

won’t be getting induced, this baby will be here by the time I start my morning shift – I was 4 to 5cm

dilated and I hadn’t felt any different, god I was washing the car only hours before.

That night when Steve arrived from work I told him that they think the baby will be here soon; with a

bit of scepticism he said I won’t believe it till I see it! We both now just wanted to meet our special

person. That night we went to bed just like any other night, but at just ten minutes past twelve – I

felt something. Something was different. Steve woke up after my pacing back and forth. These

feelings were three minutes apart - Steve wanted to call the hospital to let them know – they asked

a few questions and suggested we pop in or call back at 7am. I was adamant I wanted to stay at

home in my comfort zone for as long as possible.

By 2am I was lying down on the shower floor, breathing through my surges, Steve read fishing magazines and popped his head in occasionally. I was truly in my zone so much so I actually think I was sleeping! It was well passed 4am when I woke up, the sun was rising, the hot water had run out. Steve noticed a change in my behaviour, he

suggested we get a move on to the hospital.

A very short car trip, and out I got, Steve didn’t even grab our bags - we stopped every few steps to

breath and stay focused. You can’t help but feel as first time parents that the hospital staff think you

can’t be as progressed as you are making out to be - by the time I was wheeled up to the maternity

ward, three strong surges had passed, the midwife quickly moved us into the birthing suite –

examining me I was very well progressed and I think she was in shock that I had done so well to last

as long as I did at home.

Steve made the room feel as much like home, drawing the blinds and

playing my relaxation tracks - then a very sudden urge came over me, I wanted to bear down. The

midwife checked and encouraged me to change positions, I immediately went into my preferred

birth position, breathing and bearing down. With three big efforts the most amazing thinghappened, there between my legs lay my beautiful baby, my daughter.

Steve went off to grab our bags, upon returning the midwife laughed at some of the contents, we

had half of the confectionary aisle, an ipad pre-loaded with tv shows, colouring books – she said

what did you think you would be doing in here – I said I wanted to be prepared!

Adriana Elizabeth Horvat born 21 October 2015 at 6:38am – she continues to be a true superstar!

Daniela & Steve


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